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     Richard Lonewolf has taught a wide variety of students- from kindergartners up through high school & college students.  He’s taught U.S. combat infantry units & military police, Search & Rescue units, California Native Plant Society, Bakersfield College, California State University Bakersfield & Stanislaus, Bakersfield City School District, Kern High School District, Sherman Indian High School, and Pomona College with the Pitzer Native American Pipeline.  He’s also taught church groups as well as several native tribes, nations, & clans over the years.  He founded Survival Training Schools of California in 1983 after he’d already been teaching for 10 years during and after his service in the Army.  He’s been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, television talk shows, news programs, many newspaper articles, and several magazine articles — and hopefully many more to come.  

     Lonewolf, among many soldiers, took several classes that were required during his military training, including “Survival Escape/Evasion” & “POW Training” in 1972.  Also he was trained in “Nuclear Biological & Chemical Warfare” AND “Combat Infantry”, & received Expert Medal for the M16 & many other weapons- ALSO anti-personnel traps & snares & hand-to-hand combat.  In 1973 he trained in “Cold Weather Arctic Mountain Survival” in the U.S. Army Alaska.  Here is the patch he wore:

us army alaska bear patch

alaska survival command

Above:  This photo from NewsTribune.com shows soldiers training in Alaska from Fort Richardson for cold weather survival training.

     Several credential letters are listed below, but first- a story that happened in Fort Ord, California:

Fort Ord patch

    “During my training all the soldiers were asked to drink chicken’s blood and to eat a raw chicken liver by the special forces instructor; he drank the blood first.  I’m the only one that raised my hand, and he handed me the liver and the blood — and I drank and ate; that’s when he said, ‘This man will live, and all you other soldiers will die.

   After he said that, I pointed out the Oak Tree we were all sitting under, and asked, ‘What about the acorns?

   The sergeant replied, ‘You don’t have time for that.‘ What he didn’t know is that acorns could be made into flour in less than a day.  I’m rather sure he didn’t know the medicinal uses of the Oak either — such as mouthwash, burn ointments, and even as penicillin.  That doesn’t include the edible uses — pancakes, pies, muffins, biscuits, and more — and those are just a few of the uses for Oak.  I was only 18 at the time, and now I’m 60 years old- still teaching a vast knowledge of wilderness living & survival skills — those aren’t the same things by the way.’

From California Army National Guard:

Click to enlarge:

From Army bigger

     From the U.S. Army, where Lonewolf set “a higher standard of excellence” while teaching with the previous school he founded, Survival Training Schools of California (prior to founding Richard Lonewolf Survival School):

Army letter 2 bigger

     His vast knowledge of scientific names of plants, ability to spot identify them (in the field), and extensive knowledge regarding their uses also led him to teaching The California Native Plant Society:

Native Plant Society bigger

     A “Letter of Commendation” from The Monterey Center of Alameda from 2015:

monterey center letter 

     He’s taught at Cal State University, and many others which are listed on the front page of this website:

Cal State classes bigger 

     He’s taught several schools within the Bakersfield City School District:

Bakersfield school letter bigger

and with Kern County Mental Health Care Systems:

Mental Health bigger

     AND thousands of children, including Munsey Elementary in Bakersfield, California:

Munsey elementary bigger

     Here is the patch he wore with the 9th Infantry during his training:

Fort Lewis patch

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