“More Valuable Than Gold”, an Ethnobotany Textbook by Richard Lonewolf

     Scroll down to read preview pages, and click any of the photos to enlarge.  Although Richard Lonewolf Survival School is currently closed, you can order a copy of this informative, user-friendly textbook on Wild Willpower PAC’s website.

Cover of Book:
(laminated for durability)

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Beyond Mere Survival:

     This book is not about how to merely survive — it about accessing great abundance, and is written by a 62-year-old Cherokee/Lakota/Northern Cheyenne elder who has LIVED these skills since he was a young boy and who grew up to teach at several universities and people of all ages.  He instructed U.S. Armed Forces units for many years, and this is his first full-length, pack-ready  outdoor textbook.

     More Valuable Than Gold features over 175 thick quality pages and 225 vibrant color photos showing step-by-step, in-depth instructions for a plethora of historical edible, utility, and medicinal uses for over 50 common plants, shrubs, trees, & vines — many which grow coast to coast all throughout North America, Europe, The Middle East, & temperate zone Asia.  Photos and introduction written by longtime student Alex “Distance” Wilson, founder of Wild Willpower, who produces the publication.

Preview Pages:

Some pages on Oak trees:
(click to enlarge)

Oak pages for adMore About Oaks, and Cooking Techniques:

Oak pages for ad 2Pages on Pine tree uses:

Pine Pages for Ad


cattail pages for adSome of the pages on shelter building:

first shelter pages for adSkipping a couple pages forward…

Wikiup Shelters for adThe Steam Pit (Cooking Technique):

Steam Pit pages for adThere’s also a 6-page Traditional Medicines Index & Quick-Reference Guide: 

medical index for adThe first 2 (of 16) “Intro Pages”:

First intro pages for adNotice:

     Wild Willpower, who built this website and published the book, is currently fundraising to be able to afford to begin printing and making copies available.  Please support Wild Willpower’s Patreon to help us get afford to get this published.

Contact [email protected] for questions or assistance.

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  1. I’m a prepper and learning wilderness survival skills. I’ll be purchasing your book snd would appreciate any other info you have now or in the future. Tungashala Wakan Tanka

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