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Lonewolf is available to teach one-on-one as well as group classes of all sizes & skill levels, offering years of experience with both indoor & outdoor classes:

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lonewolf & white feather teaching

Above:  Wonderful photo thanks to Susan Barr & Kern Valley Sun; Lonewolf teaching alongside his younger brother, Randall White Feather.

Lonewolf’s Survival Challenge:

  “If you had a Swisschamp & a coffee can- & went out into the wilderness- how long would you be able to live?  Most people would be looking around at the plants & guessing- they’d be looking at grass in a couple days: ‘I know grass is safe’.  I guess you’re part cow.

    There’s a lot out there, but you need to know the plants; without that knowledge people die real fast.  Most people would die without a lighter.  They’d have no fire. They wouldn’t be able to stay warm; they’d be dead in one night if the weather was bad enough.  They wouldn’t be able to cook food-  purify water to drink- nothing.  What if they got an infection & didn’t know what plant to go to? – & that’s just an infection!  There’s all kinds of plants out there to take care of infections though- there’s all kinds of food out there- but then there’s all sorts of other daily life skills too.  You can’t just go out there & know a few foods.  There is much to be taught.  

    Go out there with a Swisschamp & a coffee can after you take even one of these classes– you’ll have an astronomically greater chance at surviving.  The more you come to these classes the better off you’re going to be honestly.”      – Lonewolf

Medicine Man pic improved

Above:  Richard Lonewolf wearing his traditional elk leggings, carrying chia plants {Salvia columbariae} & bells in his left hand, & carrying a hawk’s wing in his right.  4 bone beads adorn each shoulder of his American-colored regalia, a proud veteran & traditional dancer & preserver of native ways.  Hawk feathers hang in front of his face & eyes; the hawk is well-known as the “messenger” according to the animal spirit medicine wheel.  He wears silver jewelry & bells on his moccasins.  When asked why, he replies, “Because every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”  He takes teaching these skills very seriously, but is also light-hearted & fun to be around.

native give me knowledge

Thank you for this wonderful graphic & remembered wisdom!

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