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Watch Videos & Learn All About Richard Lonewolf

     Richard Lonewolf Survival School has a great deal to teach about the “hidden” luxuries that can be found all throughout temperate-zone ecosystems, including everyone’s favorite topic- finding wild food!  

  • In-Depth Knowledge Pertaining to the Edible and Utility Uses of Wild Native Plants & Trees.
  • Historic Plant Medicines & Wilderness Emergency First Aid for Many Conditions – allergies, arthritis, broken limbs (sprains, etc.), emphysema, heard conditions, infections, psoriasis, & more.
  • How to Locate, Recover, & Purify Water – water indicator plants, filtration & purification using endemic materials (native or introduced to the ecosystem), & other skills.
  • Ancestral Cooking Techniques (highly energy efficient!) – 3-Rock Technique, blast oven, keyhole lay, “nature’s cooking utensils”, natural ovens, rock boiling, steam pit (shown below), & many others.
  • Emergency and Ancient Fire Making Techniques –  bow & drill (pictured below), flint & steel, hand drill, & many others.
  • Traditional Hunting Tools – throwing sticks, slings, bolas, spears, atlatals, blowguns, several kinds of bows & arrows, crossbows & more all using traditional woods. 
  •  Traditional & Emergency Shelter Designs for All Conditions
  • Many Kinds of Traps & Snares
  • Other skills, insights, stories, & wisdom.

    Services Available:

  • Get top-of-the-line outdoor gear, including Lonewolf’s Survival Kit(full online store coming soon)
  • Purchase original books & DVDs by Richard Lonewolf (more coming Spring 2016)
  • Book a class & learn from firsthand from unique expert Richard Lonewolf

    Special Announcement!

     Richard Lonewolf and longtime student Distance Everheart just released this 180 page textbook-More Valuable Than Gold– includes over 230 identification-friendly photos, an all-ages, user-friendly design, AND step-by-step instructions: click for previews & to purchase you’re copy:

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Watch Videos:

Richard Lonewolf on Stinging Nettles:

On Soaproot:

Richard Lonewolf on Cattail Roots: 

On Cattails, Chufa Nutgrass, & Bulrush:

On Acorns As Food:

On How A Rock Can Save Your Life:

On Golden Chia Seeds:

The Handpump Drill:

A Closeup of The Handpump Drill:

Handpump for site

Above:  The red part is crafted from California Fan Palm Tree fiber {Washingtonia filifera} & mud, & helps balance the Handpump.

On Arrow Making:

On Sandfoot Arrow Making:

On Red Willow Alongside Randall White Feather:

On Mullein:

     Lonewolf was taught “the old ways” by his elders as well as hands-on trial-&-errors & from book study.  He was inspired by authors such as Donald Kirk & Euell Gibbons.  One time he met Tom Brown jr., who told him, “You should start a survival school out here on the west coast!”, & now with Richard Lonewolf Survival School- history is made!

     Many herbalists will tell you of medicinal uses for plants from Asia or Europe, however Lonewolf is adept in traditional Native American ancient medicinal uses of plants; very few herbalists can show you cures that grow right around you from plants & trees you probably see every day & had no idea had such uses– Oaks, Pines, Cedar, Juniper, Willow, Nettles, Horsetail, Dandelion, Dock, Cattails, & many many others.  

     “Eden isn’t gone- its all around us!” is among one of his well-known sayings, “This is where The Creator put the plants before the people came & put them all out of order.

     The Native American traditional medicine system dates back thousands of years, & is passed down from generation to generation; a lifetime of learning & studying from books & applying this knowledge brings knowledge that does not contend with modern medicine, but instead compliments it & at times can provide a safe alternative that is “tried & true” enough to be carried down rather than discarded as “rubbish”.  Many modern pharmaceutical compounds have been developed via studying active chemical constituents found in plants & then replicating them in labs.

   “We are the creators of The Creator’s creations,” he’ll say, as he processes bark & woodland branches & such into peoples’ everyday needs using ancient traditional techniques.  “Native people have been doing this for thousands of years.”  He teaches people to responsibly harvest & craft their own toothpaste, brushes, glue, natural aspirin equivalents, rope, soap, mouthwash, dental floss, coffee, pancakes, teas- pretty much whatever you ask him to show you- right before your eyes using only what is in the wilderness AND without harming the ecosystem.

blast oven w: Lonewolf

 Above:  Lonewolf tends a Yukon Stove along the Kern River in the Sequoia National Forest.  This is used for heating a large amount of stones to be used either ceremonially or for cooking, & is a much larger fire than he usually tends.  Fire safety is very important, something every student learns; these skills help to prevent wildfires NOT start them, protecting wildlife, campers, & homes.

     Lonewolf also shares “tricks” & tips while building fire pits & using ancient methods which greatly reduce the amount of firewood that is needed; “White man makes big fires- stands way back.  Indians build small fires- sit way close.”  This is explained while arranging rocks in such a way  that maximizes upon their ability to store, radiate, & then reflect heat.  He also shows how to craft & then clearly explains exactly how effective & lightweight traditional native cooking utensils work- gourds, willow tongs, rawhide bowls, bladder skins for carrying water, & antlers to transfer hot rocks & cook using heated stones dropped in water, & more. These techniques are very intelligently-designed, energy efficient, & simple.

     “Modern emergency survival” or “old meets new” as he calls it are also shown, such as taking a Foster’s beer can & making fire with the sun– which can be seen at the end of the video where he endorses the Swisschamp by Victorinox.

     One of the reasons Lonewolf makes an exceptional teacher for people today is that he is able to meet people at their skill level; he doesn’t carry any dogmas regarding the use of modern materials, but instead simply helps people expand their knowledge of the resources available to us.  For instance, all of his authentic crafts were carved using a Swisschamp by Victorinox, which is included in “Lonewolf’s Survival Kit“.

bows & arrows for site

Above:  Hand-made traditional arrows crafted from Chokecherry, White Willow, California Wildrose, & others; blades knapped from various materials (he’ll tell you).  The bottom photo shows Lonewolf with a Chokecherry fishing bow that has a rope tied to the back of the arrow so it can be retrieved after being fired.  These photos are from his wilderness survival manual.

Another Special Announcement!!

     Lonewolf is featured in the upcoming film “Retribution of the Wolf“; click the poster to watch previews & learn more:

Retribution of the wolf

Behind-the-scenes photos from
Retribution of the Wolf:

Lonewolf with gun

Lonewolf behind scenes

Lonewolf gunman looking down

     If you like, you may download a PDF to print off your very own 8 1/2 x 14 (legal size) flier; just click the graphic below to download- thanks for helping to spread the word:

8 x 14 Flier w pulltabs

Thank you for joining forces with Richard Lonewolf Survival School!

We look forward to enjoying the great outdoors together, & to sharing vital ancient knowledge with you & your loved ones.

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Wolf Flag BlessingWakan Tanka kici-un!!

Lakota for “May the Great Spirit bless you!”

“For all of us are humans & we all bleed red, the sacred color of wisdom on the medicine wheel.  To be a true human being, you must give something back to the universe, such as wisdom, knowledge, love, compassion- to give those back is a great thing, but to take, take, take- is not.  – Richard Lonewolf

The wolf has been recognized symbolically as a “loyal teacher” for thousands of years to many people.

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Gear Up, Then Learn Amazingly Useful Skills!

Who is Richard Lonewolf?

These are no-nonsense skills that improve peopleslives forever— whether you live in the city OR the wilderness.

A scene from The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands:

Forgotten  Abundance…” includes an 8-page laminated ethnobotany guide:

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Richard Lonewolf & Distance Everheart just finished this in-depth, full-color textbook on native plant uses & ancient wild survival skills– over 180 pages & 240 color photos with step-by-step instructions for processing wild plants for their edible, medicinal, & utility-use benefits– everyone in North America should purchase More Valuable Than Gold:

(click for previews & to order your copy)

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Lonewolf’s Wilderness Survival Manual from 1987 has also been re-releasednow with vibrant color photos:


 Coming soon: Lonewolf’s Survival Kit:

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Thank you Pinner for this wonderful commemorative of Sitting Bull:

Sitting Bull put minds together


Lonewolf has received many awards over the years, below he is featured with an award that was presented by The Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nation:

Richard Lonewolf with Flag Award


Lonewolf teaches regular classes in & around Lake Isabella, California– about 45 minutes northeast of Bakersfield in the Kern River Valley; click the map to stay updated on all his upcoming classes

Lake Isabella Map

Note:  Lonewolf & his assistants will customize classes to meet the needs of your organization– all ages & all skill levels!  Just ask:  [email protected].


Click the photo below to learn about the vast array of skills he has to offer:

Bowdrill in action 2


Lonewolf’s skills were also the inspiration for & are helping to build the foundation for The Wild Living Skills Database & Smartphone App on

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Richard Lonewolf Survival School was established 11/06/2014: