“Swisschamp” by Victorinox

Richard Lonewolf on why the Swisschamp by Victorinox is *the first knife of choice* that anyone should take with them into the wilderness; this is a scene from his DVD, The Forgotten Abundance of America’s Wildlands:

Essential features that make this model the best:

The sturdy, double-serrated saw makes quick work of cutting branches & making crafts.

The sharp, durable scissors cut fibers, fabrics, & leather with ease- great for crafting leggings, moccasins, & just about anything you’ll need out there.

The strong pliers make quick work of sewing leather as well & help prevent the needle from breaking; to do so, pull the needle out the other side of the leather once its been pushed through.

Swisschamp for site

 Also available in Sapphire Blue!

Saphire blue swisschamp

Thanks for helping to support Richard Lonewolf Survival School AND investing in a top-quality product- one big step closer to self-sufficiency!

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Available tools include: 

(click to enlarge)Swisschamp official blade ad

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