In the Kern River Valley

Come to the beautiful Kern River Valley AND Learn Extremely-Important Survival Skills:

The Kern River Valley is located where the Sequoia National Forest merges with the Mojave National Preserve in the southern part of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Rangea crossing-point for the renown Pacific Crest Trail.  This region shares many of the same plants & trees that can be found all throughout the west coast & southwestern desert states as well as all across throughout North America!  That is one reason why people come from all over the world to learn from Richard Lonewolf Survival School & then take these valuable skills home with them which help to improve the rest of their lives.

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Not only that, but its absolutely gorgeous here!!!

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The Kern River Valley is located about 45 minutes northeast of Bakersfield off the Highway 178.  Some  of the beautiful & historic local towns include Lake Isabella & Kernville.  Many people who come to learn survival skills also enjoy whitewater rafting & mountain biking while they’re here!

Be Prepared to Learn Vital Survival Skills!

Very few schools or none have teachers with the credentials, vast knowledge, quality of original publications, & years of experience that Richard Lonewolf has earned.  These are no-nonsense skills that will save peoples lives.

A Wide Variety of Locally-Available Classes, described below.

Note:  Lonewolf & his assistants will customize classes to meet the needs of your organization– all ages & all skill levels!  Just contact [email protected] OR 415-798-7457.

One-On-One (or Couples) 4 to 6 Hours, Hands-On ($200)

  • Includes hands-on fire making skills- make your own bow & drill AND experience other “modern emergency” & ancient fire making techniques.
  • A “tour” of many traditional native plant & tree uses– includes making your own “wild salad”.
  • Customizable classes include working with you at your skill level– bow making– water purification– shelter building– tips & tricks– you name it & much more.
  • Have all your questions answered.

2-6 Hour Group (3 or more adults 16+) Class ($500)

Includes a firsthand demonstration for many different fire making techniques, an explanation & “tour” of a wide variety of handmade hunting tools & essential ancient survival crafts used by native people for thousands of years (all made from wild native plants & trees & knapped stone), & a “walk through the wilderness” to learn a great deal of practical edible, medicinal, & utility (cordage & rope, wax, soap, etc.) uses for plants & trees you likely see about every day & had no clue were so important & useful, AND hands-on.  Lonewolf will answer any & all questions students have pertaining to wilderness survival, disaster preparedness, traditional medicines & practical plant uses, & any other questions which may come up.  One day classes typically last 4-8 hours depending on your needs.

2 or 3-Day, Hands-On One-On-One or Small Group Outdoor Weekend Classes:

Lonewolf will work with each student where they’re at— whether its their first time making fire with a bow & drill or they’ve never purified water using an oak tree– “Where do I find aspirin in the woods?”, “What’s this plant used for?”— get all your questions answered AND think of more questions as you begin to learn the “forgotten abundance” that can be found all throughout the wilderness.   These weekend classes not only serve as a real eye-opener for beginners, but also they’re a great way for experts to vastly expand upon whatever they currently know no matter what their current expertise is.  Weekend classes are also a great way to begin building a working relationship with the teacher– personalized classes at a fair price.

Good Things Worth Bringing:

Note:  Students who bring their Swisschamp will have increased opportunity to craft items such as bows & arrows, bow & drills, fish traps, & other such items.

Five to Ten Days in the WIlderness Living With The Land:

What to Bring:

Minimum booking $2000 for 5 days per person; includes one copy of each of Lonewolf’s publications to date, including:

 Richard Lonewolf will work with you or your organization to fit your needs: contact [email protected] or 415-798-7457 with an offer & what you have in mind.

Free press kit included with each booking:

A downloadable, printable PDF file for an 8 1/2″ x 14 “ (legal size) flier with tear-away pulltabs will be sent to you at the time of purchase to help you attract customers; your event will also be advertised here on

8 x 14 Flier w pulltabs

A downloadable, printable PDF file for an 18″ x 24″ (full size) poster will also be sent to you at the time of purchase:

Lonewolf Class SignUp Poster little

Regarding Filming:

Classes may be filmed by any agency &/or entity working in direct accordance with &/or with permission from Richard Lonewolf Survival School, who will share exclusive rights with filming agencies &/or entities, including but not limited to all footage, without prejudice.  When booking, indicate whether or not your agency/entity intends to film & for what purpose/s your organization(s) would be utilizing such footage for so that we may begin negotiating a contract.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

For questions or assistance, to schedule a class or event & include a 10% deposit upon purchase, or for media inquiries contact [email protected] OR call 415-798-7457.  All major credit cards, cash, & PayPal accepted.

Also Available:

Original Books & DVDs

Lonewolf’s Survival Kit

“Hi-Tech Gear” Recommended Products

Book a Class Outside The Kern River Valley

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