BioLite; Charge Electronics Using Campfire Heat!

   Okay- so below are 3 products from the same company that are going to trip you out because they are just so awesome.  Here’s what the first of these looks like:

Biolite stove

   The BioLite Camp Stove actually charges your electronics by converting campfire heat into electricity.  Its very lightweight, & *also* two really amazing attachments are available that are sold separately:

BioLite Kettle

   The  BioLite Kettle of course fits perfectly onto the stove, & the lightweight stainless steel kettle may be used or cooking food OR boiling water.  It cleans easily, & serves as a case to store & protect the stove!  

   The third product is the custom-fit, ultralight attachable grill:

Biolite Grill


   Here’s what the grill looks like when its attached & the legs are unfolded:

Biolite grill unfolded

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