All-Weather & Emergency “Space Blanket” by Grabber

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“Its lightweight, waterproof, & will save your ass.”  –Lonewolf

   Made from space-age mylar, this thin “blanket” keeps you warm in the harshest of conditions.  Having a space blanket while camping or hiking is extremely important, as it reflects body heat back into the blanket– not letting any of it escape!

 These blankets can & have saved many lives- & in *several* different ways!  

   It can also be used to collect water from the air when there is none to be found, as described in Lonewolf’s Wilderness Survival Manual.   It’s waterproof & can be used for cover in rainstorms, or can also be used to make a quick-fix reflector fire to reflect the fire’s heat back onto you & your friends while camping.  It can also be used for signaling; we’ve tried this- & you can see it from several miles away in the daytime on a mountainside.  This brand is the most durable on the market.  Its a little heavier than other space blankets you’ll see available, but is much sturdier & won’t fall apart either like those do.  

   A couple important things- you’re going to want 2 of these *because* then you can have one as ground cover & one for rain cover.  Also, always be sure to let these dry out completely before putting these or any other camping equipment back into your bag or they will mold.  Follow that rule- & these space blankets by Grabber are going to serve you well.  

   Thank you sincerely for helping to support Richard Lonewolf’s Survival School.

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