Sawyer Poison Extractor Kit

    Lonewolf has used Sawyer’s Complete Bite & Sting First Aid Kit for over thirty years.  “One time a giant tarantula wasp stung me right on the back of my neck…”

Trantula Hawk Wasp

   Thank you for this great photo of a Tarantula Hawk Wasp killing a California Black Tarantula {Aphonopelma reversum}.

   “I felt some creature on my neck, & all of the sudden it felt like I was being burned!  I put the biggest suction cup from this kit onto the sting as fast as I could, & in only about 3 minutes- it was completely fine.  I remember I could feel the venom spreading toward my head, & afterward I was thinking this was the best money I had ever spent!”

sawyer Snake Bit Kit ad

   “The kids use this all the time- they love it– because they use it for mosquito bites.   Also mosquitos can carry West Nile Virus & other diseases.  When it comes to rattlesnakes- you have 30 about minutes to suck the venom out the faster the better; after that the venom gets too deep.  Everyone should have this as an essential item – because there is going to be a time you need this thing & you’ll be glad you have it.  Thank you Sawyer!”

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    From the poison in mosquito bites to rattlesnake bites to scorpion or wasp stings to poisonous plant stings- you’re going to need this!  Wilderness survival instructors should be sure to keep this with them as well for liability purposes!  This kit can save your life or someone else’s life around you.  Kids love this one for mosquito bites!   

Thank you for helping to support Richard Lonewolf Survival School!

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